The familiar voice is the one that inspires.

Preparation is Power

How do we prepare youth for the future if we don't know the possibilities?

For the past six years, Deborah Carter, our Managing Director, has led a tech education academy for primary school students in Amsterdam. Based on intel from hundreds of programs, conversations with parents and teachers, and mentoring high school students in study and career planning, she has brought together a team to inspire and prepare future tech talent.

PreparationTech is an online platform which harnesses the power of storytelling to showcase the wide variety of study, training and career paths which intersect with technology.

Our video interviews highlight the personal stories of a diverse and inclusive group of students, tradespeople and professionals who, in their own words, explain what they do and the role that technology has played in their paths from childhood onwards.

Students and their parents, caregivers, teachers and school guidance counselors gain information and insight which help awaken them to the possibilities of technology and plan promising futures.


Deborah Carter

Deborah Carter

Deborah Carter is PreparationTech's main interviewer and founder of NewTechKids, an academy In Amsterdam which teaches primary and high school students about technological innovation: computer science, programming, design, and critical thinking about technology.

Deborah has combined her background in tech education, journalism and business with her curiosity in people and their stories to help launch PreparationTech.

Deborah Carter

Mike Miello: Website Developer

Mike is our website guy assisting on our implementation and strategy. He runs a web design shop called Webodew, and teaches Digital marketing to university students and professionals. With a focus on digital storytelling and visual creation, Mike scours the Internet for best-of-breed Web technologies and tools.

Diane Tillman

Diane scours the Internet and networks with companies, organizations and educational institutes to explore tech-related study, training and career paths and identify role models doing interesting things with inspiring stories to tell. Diane's career spans multiple industries - tech, customer service, banking, accounting and cooking - with one common thread: her amazing networking skills.

tammy photo

Tammy McCausland

As our content strategist, Tammy guides our content development efforts. A seasoned storyteller, editor and writer, she specializes in creating content for online and print publication for non-profit organizations. Her international network of students and professionals from multiple industries and her background in TV journalism are important assets for our team.

Board Members


Chairperson: Kitty Leering

Kitty is the founder of Dutchblend, a private consultancy specialising in developing and programming Dutch and international events focused on social innovation, technology and creativity. She firmly believes that the intersection where science/tech & arts/design & society/people/planet come together is uniquely positioned to trigger new ideas that might drive positive change.

daan versteegh

Treasurer: Daan Versteegh

The father of a primary school-aged son, Daan is a self-taught software developer and AI and machine learning programmer.  Daan mentors aspiring technologists from under-represented and low-income communities and shows them the power and promise through his company AI captain which combines sailing, robotics and AI.

monique van dusseldorp

Monique van Dusseldorp

Monique van Dusseldorp is a well-known curator of seminars and conferences on creativity, innovation, and technology. With a knack for identifying global trends, she has helped launch events for Wired, TED, NEXT and the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision. With two high school-aged kids, she cares deeply about preparing kids for tech innovation. Photo Credit: Julie Blik


natalie raffoul

Natalie Raffoul

Natalie Raffoul is an IP and patent lawyer who has been consistently ranked as one of the top global experts in the patenting of software, business methods, AI, machine learning and the legal issues related to these areas. She is passionate about exposing kids to tech innovation and increasing the number of girls who pursue engineering and tech as careers.

babusi nyoni

Babusi Nyoni

Babusi Nyoni personifies the promise of the 21st century. A self-taught big data and machine learning technologist, he creates impactful tech solutions for African people and people of color. His specialty: re-purposing popular entertainment tech to solve challenges such as health diagnoses and refugee crises.

liban gaashaan

Liban Gaashaan

Liban is a Project Manager who heads large business transformation projects in the public and the private sectors. He is passionate about educating the next generation, regularly giving talks at high schools, colleges and universities and curating a club for young black boys which provides them with access to role models and preparation for the real world.

tala ibabao

Tala Ibabao

Tala Ibabao is a middle school teacher based in California with a deep commitment to preparing kids for the future. With students who are mostly from migrant and immigrant families, she harnesses the power of technology to find culturally-appropriate content and role models her students can relate to. She is constantly on the look out for people around the world who defy the odds and inspire.