Developing Tech Business Consulting Skills After Managing Tech Projects

Interview date:

June 4, 2020

Jubin Majlessi

Management Consultant

Jubin Majlessi, an independent management consultant with more than 20 years of experience, explains what professionals like him do and the skills needed to be a successful management consultant specializing in technology strategy and implementation.

He charts his development as a child who was interested in many different things to a professional who combined his knowledge of finance and capital markets with a willingness to learn and develop specialized consulting knowledge and skills through the tech projects he managed.

"Time and time again in my life, I was always putting myself in places that were really scary in the beginning and uncomfortable. I would have very little confidence in the beginning. Sometimes it would lead me to extreme confidence and great expertise. Other times, it would fail and I would be very insecure. This created the path I took to different companies, services, consulting offerings. That was a big part of creating that success."


  • school should place more emphasis on teaching thinking frameworks and problem-solving techniques
  • bring technology to life for kids through exposure to experts, projects and internships
  • help kids develop emotional intelligence so they can collaborate, work in teams and influence people