Choosing Independent Online Learning after Dropping Out of College 3 Times

Interview date:

October 21, 2020

Shaquille Veldboom

3D Designer
Veldboom Studios

Shaquille Veldboom, a self-taught 3D designer based in Amsterdam, discusses how he taught himself 3D design from the age of nine using YouTube and free online resources. Today, he's an in-demand creative, applying his 3D design skills in industrial design, gaming and animation. Shaquille discusses growing up in a low-income, predominantly black community, the influence of his father and grandfather, and dropping out of college three times because it didn't fit with how he learned or his creative process.

"If you start to see the patterns that all of these software systems have, it's a workshop. It's a garage or something. Over there in the corner, you have your toolkit with your spanners. There are your drill bits. You just know where all of the different tools are that you need to make what you're trying to make. You just figure out the best way to put them together to make your work set up. If you know what all of these tools are capable of, you can now use your imagination to make what you're trying to make."


  • teach kids how to work with design-related software early
  • challenge kids to seek out free online resources on their own
  • help kids see 3D design as an entry point into many areas: gaming, animation, music, industrial design, VR, AR