Designing a COVID-19 Infographic in Her Free Time which Educated the World

Interview date:

July 29, 2020

Avesta Rastan

Artist & Animator
Azuravesta Design

Avesta Rastan, Founder of Azuravesta Design, talks about her profession which focuses on communicating complex scientific and technology concepts through art, animation and and cutting-edge technologies. She recounts a childhood filled with school classes and activities related art, nature and science and the powerful influence of her scientist parents.

Avesta took the world by storm when the COVID-19 infographic she created in her spare time was shared on social media by the World Economic Forum, racking up millions of views.

"There are so many science communicators on YouTube who produce amazing content that make it fun...People like The Physics Girl, Mark Rober, Adam Savage, asapSCIENCE, Kurzegesagt. That's a huge resource. Kids love watching things and animations. That's a great way to educate them in a way that's fun."
Avesta's COVID-19 infographic viewed by millions after the World Economic Forum shared it online.


  • teach kids how technology influences communications
  • teach kids graphic design and animation skills so they can communicate their ideas
  • challenge kids to create digital art based on what's going on in the world