Raising 7X More than Crowdfunding Goal to Produce Sustainable Food Seals

Interview date:

November 13, 2020

Michelle Ivankovic

Industrial Designer
Michelle Ivankovic Studio

Michelle Ivankovic, an industrial designer, talks about her job creating products which are used by people every day. She discusses her passion for designing products which reduce plastic waste, how her use of technology is constantly evolving, and an unexpectedly successful Kickstarter project which launched one of her most popular products.

"I use 3D data creation like SolidWorks, rendering programs such as KeyShot and also my new favourite thing, Augmented Reality. So being able to show my products in augmented reality to a client rather than looking at a static rendering of it. So that they can put it on their table top and look all the way around it and really get a sense for it in 3D space and the lighting in the room and everything. I really love that."
Food Huggers
Michelle's sketches
Prototype selected for refinement phase of OpenIDEO's 'Beyond the Bag' competition 


  • Encourage kids to make things: crafts, clothing, games, drawings
  • Challenge kids to think about how products are designed and what they are made of
  • Teach kids how to actualize their ideas through 3D design, CAD and 3D printing