Using tech and discarded bananas to develop new food products in Brazil

Interview date:

February 11, 2021

Fabricio Goulart

Feitosa Foodtech

Fabricio Goulart is a Brazilian chef/entrepreneur who is passionate about reimagining food production to create less food waste. He has combined his background in food services, IT and business to launch Feitosa Foodtech, a business which produces a range of food products derived from every part of discarded bananas. Feitosa Foodtech depends on technology during all stages of the food production process: farming, producing banana-based products, creating the packaging labels, and communicating with farmers and customers.

Feitosa Foodtech won the 2019-20 TFF x FLAG Circular Economy Prize awarded by Thought for Food and Food Lab Accelerator at Google (FLAG) for companies focused on reducing food waste while increasing sustainable food production.

"I'm Black and I have had a lot of challenges in my life. But I'm winning day by day. When some people say 'You can't do it', I say 'I can'. Because I'm the guide of my life. That's why I need to say to other [Black people] 'If you want to study, go ahead and study. You just need to focus. Nobody has the right to say you can't do this. We can.' That's why I'm feeding my mind and body with this kind of code and energy. I can do whatever I want."
Chef/entrepreneur Fabricio Goulart
Discarded bananas used by Feitosa Foodtech
Feitosa Gourmet Banana Product Line


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