Creating tech to give Black athlete influencers control over content & revenue

Interview date:

February 12, 2021

Tiffany Kelly

Data Analytics Entrepreneur
University / Self-taught

Tiffany Kelly, CEO of Curastory, is a trailblazer. The first Black woman to work in ESPN's data analytics department, she has launched a tech company which helps Black amateur athletes and others control their content and the fees they receive for it. Her goals? Disrupt influencer business models which have given too much power to big brands and create a level playing field in which content creators avoid being exploited.

"Student athletes and Millenials and Gen Z in general, they're just starting to recognize that they're content wizards. They all want to create content. They all want to make YouTube channels. They all want to create TikTok accounts and build their social capital that way. That is never changing. Us as humans, we're always trying to build our social capital. They just do it with these platforms in that type of way. They understand better because they're so great at creating content. 'Why do I need Nike to essentially create content for me? Why am I going to let them own everything? What's the point in that?'"
Tiffany Kelly: Photo credit Melissa Rawlins
Tiffany's registration pass for the Sports Analytics Hackathon where she placed in the top 3 and was recruited by ESPN
Tiffany Kelly in college studying Sports & Recreation Management


  • Encourage kids and teens to pursue their interests and passions before pushing tech skills.
  • Teach kids and teens statistics and data science using their own data from apps and online services.
  • Challenge kids to enter hackathons and online competitions to gain hands-on experience.