Breaking Barriers at MIT While Mentoring Future Black Students

Interview date:

June 25, 2020

Danielle Geathers

University Student
Massachussets Institute of Technology

Danielle Geathers, a third-year Engineering student and the first black, female president of MIT's Undergraduate Association, talks about her path to MIT and how she is using her voice to encourage more black students and students of color to attend the university.

In addition to sharing her high school experience, she explains how the admission process works at MIT. She is honest about the Imposter Syndrome that she and most of her fellow students have struggled with, providing reassurance that MIT gives first-year students a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to ensure a level playing field for study.

‍"I'm coming to understand how much science, technology, engineering and math are in every single thing you touch or experience. It would have been really helpful for me if the adults around me pulled those together earlier. I didn't understand this until high school."


  • don't push coding and robotics as only path into tech
  • create activities for kids which relate science and technology to everyday life
  • find mentors and role models who kids can personally relate to