Writing Books Which Teach Kids Early that Tech is for Both Girls and Boys

Interview date:

December 2, 2020

Miriam Tocino

CEO, Author & Illustrator
Zerus & Ona

Miriam Tocino is the CEO, Author and Illustrator behind 'Zerus & Ona', the popular digital storytelling series which teaches kids about how technology works. Miriam began her career as an architect before switching to teaching programming. Blending the lessons she learned from both experiences with her passion for explaining technology to young children, Miriam is pushing the boundaries of digital storytelling with books, dance, song and soon, coding.

"In my stories, there are two characters because I want to portray an equal relationship between a boy and a girl in dealing with computers. They can also be read because they are very little. If you go to a three-year old girl, she doesn't know that she's not supposed to like computers. And if you go to three-year old boy, he doesn't know that girls are not supposed to like computers...Having worked in the tech industry, I think there's also work to be done in educating the men and getting everyone to work together successfully in this field and I wanted to help with that part of the equation."


  • Expose kids to iteration as a creative process: prototype, test, refine.
  • Teach kids about different approaches to writing stories: linear vs. intuitive.
  • Encourage kids to track their creative and learning progress over time.