Helping Companies like TikTok Develop Tech Which Respects People's Rights

Interview date:

May 21, 2020

David Ryan Polgar

Technology Ethicist
All Tech is Human

David Ryan Polgar explains his work as a technology ethicist who helps companies and organizations such as TikTok develop technology which benefits people and takes into account the consequences, implications and impact on society.

David is a true trailblazer, becoming a technology ethicist in 2012 when many people questioned what he was doing and why his services were needed. David talks about the need for professionals from many disciplines to work alongside technologists to create technology which is beneficial for everyone.

"Kids can get caught up in a trap because they may want to do something that they feel conviction around but people push against it. Because they can't imagine that future because that future doesn't exist today. But guess what? Sometimes we have to create the future of tomorrow and carve out a new path.On my end, there was no path because [tech ethicists] didn't exist. I had to fight people who don't understand it and my own self-doubt. How busy I am today? There's definitely a need for this."


  • train kids to critically evaluate tech (pros, cons, implications)
  • make education more multidisciplinary: blend different subjects
  • build kids' confidence by exposing them to low-risk experimentation (cooking)