Inventing Tech Which Uses One Machine to See & Treat Cancer

Interview date:

February 9, 2021

Dr. Sam Mazin

Tech Inventor, Founder & CTO
RefleXion Medical

Dr. Sam Mazin is a computer engineer and the inventor of game-changing technology which fights cancer. RefleXion Medical, his company, has developed a revolutionary machine which can see and treat cancer. Previously, this was done using different technologies.

Sam shares his journey, from a kid who was crazy about math and science to pursuing computer engineering at a Canadian university which offers a special program which alternates between 4-month study and work placements. He also talks about completing advanced degrees at Stanford University where he was encouraged to combine biology and computing. As they say, the rest is history.

"I actually got into an electrical engineering program at Stanford but within the first year, I remember that I had a mentor. Every Master's student is assigned an advisor to help them with their career and life decisions as it pertains to the academics. I'll never forget. He told me "You really should look at the biological field because computing and biology are starting to come together". I was focused on computing. When this professor opened me up to this idea of looking at biological applications, I just felt 'Wow! This a much more direct way to potentially impact humanity, people. Solve problems with engineering principles.'"
Front view of RefleXion's technology
RefleXion technology de-constructed
Sam and members of his team


Advice for becoming a tech inventor:

  1. Gain specialized knowledge in a field
  2. Put multiple concepts together in new and creative ways
  3. Invent something tangible