Ensuring Video Games Like 'Halo' are Politically Correct in All Countries

Interview date:

April 24, 2020

Kate Edwards

Geographer & CEO

Kate Edwards, CEO and Principal Consultant of Geogrify and Executive Director of the Global Game Jam, introduces herself and the field that she invented: digital content culturalization. Digital content culturalization is the process of ensuring that digital content such as mobile and online games are appropriate for all cultures and draws on knowledge of geography and cartography. Her work has influenced video games such as 'Halo' and 'Call of Duty' and she is now working on 'Age of Empire 4'.

"I was hired to do a specific function: to do the mapping and geopolitical strategist work which is essentially to make sure that our maps are going to work in different parts of the world because different governments require the maps to look differently. Like China versus India versus other countries. It's something you have to follow very closely or else your map is not going to be allowed."


  • challenge kids to think critically about how culture and politics shape digital content
  • make kids aware that certain countries interpret geography and history differently
  • encourage kids to develop tech skills by creating video games