Thriving in the U.S. tech industry for more than 30 years as a Black Woman

Interview date:

February 24, 2021

Tammarrian Rogers

Software Engineering Director
University / Self-taught

Tammarrian Rogers is a software engineering director currently working at Snap, the parent company behind the Snapchat mobile app. A 30-year veteran of the tech industry, she has worked for Apple and Microsoft. Recently, Snap appointed her as its first-ever Inclusion Engineering Director responsible for strengthening diversity and inclusion within its tech development team.

In this interview, she shares her story and offers advice on how to deal with the challenges that Black people and members of other under-represented groups face and how to carve out a career in tech in which they can thrive.

"I am one hundred percent capable and deserve to be thriving in anything that I'm doing. That's what I think is important for anyone to realize. Visit yourself. Really reflect and think about "Am I thriving? Am I giving everything and I am feeling valued and I am knocking it out the park on all cyclinders and enjoying myself at the end of the day? Then I'm in the right place. If that's not the case, then really looking at what are the components that are not allowing that to happen."
Announcement of Tammarrian Roger's inclusion appointment at Snap
Tammarrian Roger's graduation at Stanford University


  • Know yourself: interests, dreams, how you learn, the working conditions you want, etc.
  • Learn how to turn people into your allies, including bullies.
  • Build strong networks of people working in tech.