Managing a Graphic Design Studio, Being Married & Raising Kids

Interview date:

August 27, 2020

Melissa Agostino & Henry Tyminski

Graphic Designers
Sali Tabacchi

Melissa Agostino and Henry Tyminski are the husband-wife design duo behind Sali Tabacchi, a boutique graphic design studio in Toronto, Canada. They explain what graphic designers do, discuss the no tech and digital projects they work on, and discuss their creative process for a recent project.

They emphasize the versatility of work in graphic design and outline the different ways that graphic designers can practise their trade: as freelancers, employees of design firms and ad agencies, owners of their own studios, and more.

"When we went to school, I remember one of the things they were saying. "Okay, here's some software you need to know". We were hoping that the teacher would teach us the software but they were of the mind that 'no, you have to learn that on your own. I'm going to teach you ideas. And concepts. And what to do and how to think about things. How you put it together? You figure it out.'"


  • art education should teach kids ideas and concepts, not tools and software
  • present art as a set of knowledge and skills which can be applied in different fields and jobs
  • create learning paths which help kids constantly upgrade their tech and software skills