Turning a Personal Tragedy into Tech for the Blind & VIsually-Impaired

Interview date:

June 16, 2020

Zuby Onwuta

Think and Zoom

Zuby Onwuta, the African inventor of 'Think and Zoom', talks about losing his eyesight and becoming a disability advocate and tech inventor.

Zuby has blended medical research, his training in engineering and his passion for technology to invent and patent 'Brain Control for Blind Tech' for the 'Think and Zoom' commercial product which magnifies objects based on brain wave technology.

“Think and Zoom is the culmination, the result of my own past experiences, be it from the medical side where I threw myself into intense medical research of opthalmology and the causes of retinal problems. Or be it my engineering training. And of course, my passion for STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Math]. Combining all of that with my lived experience, I tried to find a solution that will address all of that.”


  • encourage kids to participate in hackathons and tech competitions
  • enrol kids in entrepreneurship classes
  • challenge kids to develop solutions which relate to their lived experiences