PreparationTech launches in the Netherlands

November 25, 2020

PreparationTech Foundation, a non-profit based in Amsterdam, has chosen the Netherlands as the first market to launch its new online platform which educates the adult influencers in kids’ lives about the study, training and career opportunities available when kids have technology knowledge, skills and education.

The PreparationTech online platform showcases the personal stories of a diverse and inclusive group of students, professionals and self-taught people in tech. They explain what they do and how it intersects with technology and share their journeys from childhood. They also provide advice on how to interest kids in technology so they can blend it with their interests and passions.

“Six years ago, I launched the NewTechKids tech education academy in Amsterdam,” says Deborah Carter, Managing Director of Stichting PreparationTech. “We’ve taught thousands of kids in the Netherlands and abroad about computer science, programming and robotics but this is not enough. Schools haven’t made technology education a mandatory part of their curriculum. Parents and teachers don’t understand how technology is literally transforming every field and industry. PreparationTech is designed to show them how tech is re-shaping the world in a very practical way so they can prepare kids.

”Francesca Deenik, Principal of Kindercampus King School in Amstelveen, the Netherlands, says, "Children are growing up in a digital world. They must acquire technology knowledge and skills for their furture study and career paths. That is why at our school, group 8 students learn ICT skills with younger students in group 4. We also organize after-school programming and robotics lessons for children who want to explore technology even further. The PreparationTech online platform gives us as educators information that we can use to inspire and educate our students while providing role models. This is very important and stimulating, for students and our teaching team.

PreparationTech aligns with initiatives such as the Dutch Techniek Pact, an agreement signed by 60 parties, including the Minister of Education, Culture & Science and Minister of Economic Affairs, in April 2016 to “structurally improve alignment between education and the technology job market and reduce the shortage of technically trained staff.

PreparationTech aspires to become a leading source of information about study and careers which intersect with technology for both Dutch and global markets. Its team is forging partnerships with companies to expand its platform.